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Introduction to Infrastructure as Code: A Brief Guide to the Future of DevOps | Sneh Pandya | Riya Guha Thakurta | Apress Publication | Book Launch

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Infrastructure as Code Book

Proudly announcing the publication of this collaborative effort!

Riya Guha Thakurta and I have co-authored the book Introduction to Infrastructure as Code: A Brief Guide to the Future of DevOps with Apress.

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In today’s rapidly transforming world, Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) has emerged as an effective approach to maintain, scale, and deploy software systems.

Riya and I co-authored this book to share anecdotes from our constantly evolving industry experiences in varied capacities that would help the enthusiasts in field of Cloud Infrastructure and DevOps.

This book is aimed at the beginners interested in building a career in DevOps as well as professionals looking to gain expertise and advance their career with greater knowledge of IaC, including Technical Product Managers, and Architects.

The perspectives presented here focus on key themes of advancements in the field of DevOps, methodologies and best practices, issues in deploying and managing applications at scale; as well as continuous improvement and benchmarking of production systems.

This book is a combination of fundamental knowledge and practical experience. This book highlights the significance of the DevOps culture and how to implement Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) within your organization. The book conceptualizes the adoption and expansion goals that DevOps and Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) have for various industries.

The book provides hands-on examples utilizing IaC platforms, open source tools, and essential considerations such as security, scalability, and deployments. Each chapter focuses on one vertical (i.e., foundations, architecture patterns, securing infrastructure, preparing for deployment), how it impacts the DevOps toolchain in a holistic manner, and how it can be used to build solutions specific to that vertical, with a detailed walkthrough of code, environments, and other tools.

With this solid base established, the book shares the importance, processes, and outcome of building infrastructure solutions. With this book, you would learn:

  • Fundamentals of DevOps and Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC)
  • Prepare for the ever-evolving ecosystem of modular infrastructure and the needs of the future
  • Avoid potential pitfalls and breakdowns while working with infrastructure
  • Build scalable and efficient IaC solutions that work at a small, medium, and large scale in a real-life environment
  • Understand and be responsibly aware of security concerns related to the domain, and how to address them.

With our sincere thanks to Apress team, Mark PowersSpandana ChatterjeeSilembarasan PanneerselvamJoseph QuatelaShrikant VishwakarmaClement Wilson, technical reviewer Joaquin Gonzalez experts from the industry who provided valuable insights, our mentors who guided us, and everyone involved.

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